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Any medicine taken by a pregnant woman finds its way into the body of the baby within an hour. The limbs of the baby are in the process of formation during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Foreign substances like drugs introduced into the system during this period may disturb this process of development and growth. Most, if not all, congenital defects of babies are traceable to the ingestion of excessive amounts of powerful toxic drugs. There are numerous instances on record of babies with malformation of limbs and various other defects of deve­lopment, born to mothers who had been taking drugs like thalidomide, androgens, synthetic progesterone and drugs for the treatment of cancer, during the period of their pregnancies. That is precisely why it is desirable for the expectant mother to avoid taking any medicines, with the exception of vitamins, minerals or insulin,-unless of course there are compelling reasons to the contrary.

If the mother-to-be is a diabetic, it becomes necessary to control the amount of sugar in her blood with the help of insulin. Usually tablets containing organic iron are also given to a pregnant woman to prevent anaemia. These tablets are usually formulated specifically for women in this condition, and are therefore comparatively safe. Often other elements required in minor proportions, such as copper, manganese, magnesium and cobalt are also included in the formulation of such tablets. Tablets of folic acid are also prescribed for the pregnant woman at her very first visit to the doctor, and she is usually required to take these tablets throughout the duration of her pregnancy. Calcium formulations are administered to relieve muscular pain. All these substances are enzymes and food supplements rather than drugs or medicines, and so are considered relatively safe. Acetaminophen is administered to pregnant women in place of aspirin as an analgesic, but even this drug is not entirely harmless. It has a deleterious effect on the liver and kidneys, and should be taken only if it becomes absolutely necessary. Immoderate quantities of drugs affecting nerves, such as barbiturates, amphetamines and opium pre­parations are dangerous for the baby, as they may impede growth, and even lead to a reduction in the Weight of the baby.

These days, an increasing tendency towards inordinate and reckless use of drugs and medicines is apparent every­where. The expectant mother should exercise greater discretion, and take only such medicines as have been prescribed by a qualified doctor, and only in the prescribed quantities.

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