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Preconception check up

Planning a pregnancy need much preparation. If you are trying to have a baby or are just thinking about it, taking care of their health before pregnancy - also called preconception care, can help you prepare for a safe pregnancy and healthy baby.

Pre pregnancy checkup

Pre Pregnancy CheckupWhy must you see a doctor before getting pregnant? Simple! It is most important to clear up most problems that can be detected with a routine check up. For instance, anaemia is very common amongst our Indian girls and can interfere with the growth of the baby. Some vaccines like the Rubella vaccine that can protect your baby against birth defects should be given in the non-pregnant state and at least three months prior to conceiving. As doctors we give advice on the right time of ovulation (to time your intercourse in order to conceive), in addition to counsel on healthy lifestyle changes and take into account your detailed medical and family history.

It is also very important to detect certain conditions such as diabetes, which would increase the chances of birth defects in babies, if uncontrolled at the time of conception. Conditions like thalassemia minor and thyroid disorders, and infections like syphilis, HIV and hepatitis B should also be detected early to prevent complications in the baby.

Keep track of the following while planning their pregnancy

In anticipation of pregnancy, it is a good idea to get into the habit of eating three healthy meals per day. For those of you who are underweight, you should eat a little more when you are pregnant. If you are considerably overweight, you to lose weight prior to getting pregnant.

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