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Recommended Daily Diet for the Expectant Woman

There should be a proper diet plan for pregnant ladies. An ideal diet is which contain carbohydrate, fat, protein and vitamins according to the body requirement. The diet for the pregnant ladies should be.

Breakfast: The expectant mother may select two or three items from the following list for breakfast:
Fruits, fruit juice, pulses, meat, eggs, cheese, bread or toast with butter, milk, tea or coffee.

Mid-day Meal: Rice, dal (pulse-soup), cooked or raw vegetables, chappatis, bread, milk, fruits, meats, curds, eggs, fish, cheese, chicken, mineral waters etc.
She may select four or five items from above.

Evening tea time

  1. cup mild tea/milk with or without biscuits
  2. slices of toast/toasted sandwich
  3. Fruits

Khichadi, vegetable-broth, bread, milk, fruits, bean, meats, egg, fish, cheese, chicken, white meats etc. She may select four or five items from above.

After dinner
Fresh fruit
Glass of milk


  • Do not try to lose weight by fad dieting
  • Remember to drink plenty of fluids and water
  • Load on the protein intake
  • Avoid carbonated colas, caffeine drinks like coffee and alcohol
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